diciembre 20, 2012

Hello friends.
Been a long time since the last report.

As you know, this is a project made ​​by fans like you.
As well also know, here in Spain are going through a severe economic and social crisis, but the bad news is that, despite the crisis, we those involved in this development have got professional jobs, and we have little free time.

So, although still present in our thinking and in the little free time that we can steal, we can't expect progress as fast as we would like.
Maybe along the next movie…

We are thinking on the possibility of a crowfunding campaign that allows us devote full time. We're studying it by now.

Greetings to all and thank you for your encouragement and patience.

agosto 14, 2011

Switch to Unity

Greetings users!
First we want to thank you for the great interest you have shown in our project.
We have been a time without contact, but we still working.
As some know, we were working with the Quest3D engine, but we decided to switch to Unity, an engine that maybe is not as productive, but modern and multiplatform, among other advantages.
The downside is that we had to abandon much of the progress we've made ​​so far in Quest3D, so there is still much work to do...
We remind you that you can subscribe to this blog, subscribe to our mail list in our web, and follow us on Facebook if you want to keep informed on upcoming news.
…and don't forget to spread the word to your friends.
Your interest is very encouraging for us. Thanks a lot again.

diciembre 24, 2010

Long live the users!

We've been busy these past few days. Work, holidays, and the release of Tron Legacy (…two times viewed, maybe even more soon…) and debating and refuting the critics in the forums here and there…
What do you think of the movie?
We loved it, and it has been extremely motivating to move forward with our project.
By now we will try to survive these days, see Tron Legacy one more time (or two) and to schedule the tasks for next year. By the way, Merry Christmas and happy…

End of year

diciembre 17, 2010

Only a few microseconds!!

Yesterday we do a little party viewing Tron for refresh our memory records. What a wonderful start point to develop a fantasy world, whether in film, TV, video games and, of course, in our virtual persistent world!!
And finally today is the day for Tron Legacy. We know already that music is fabulous, and aesthetics and the actors, etc. Just hope they do not have forgotten the concepts planted in the original film, and maybe even have been treated more deeply…

diciembre 15, 2010

Greetings programs!

Is surprisingly that, without any promotion of the web, there are over 100 registered users! Where did you come from?
I will start promoting the website and blog, and I hope new visitors.

Greetings users!